Karmin Unveil The Official Video For "Crash Your Party"

Published On : December 8, 2011

Karmin Unveil The Official Video For “Crash Your Party”

Karmin have finally released the official video for their first new single “Crash Your Party”. You may know the pop duo, due to their incredible rise through Youtube… how’s that possible you ask? Well their covers of Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj’s songs helped them rise to fame, eventually landing them a contract with Epic Records earlier this year.

Karmin will also be releasing their debut album in 2012, but not earlier than February, until then, we can all enjoy the band’s groovy new single, a song titled “Crash Your Party”. The track samples the 1991 Black Sheep hip-hop hit “The Choice Is Yours”, but the two singers give it a funky fresh beat, which kind of reminds us of Jessie J, and that’s really not entirely bad, it’s actually quite good.

In order to promote their debut original single, Karmin have premiered the official video via Vevo, and after seeing it you’ll most likely say: how bizarre, but yet, how fun! The video starts out in small room with a keyboard, where Nick Noonan and his lovely fiancee Amy Heidemann, are doing what they know best, namely recording material for their blog. Moments later, the keyboard case is lifted as it transforms into stairs, which apparently take the two back in time.

If you want to see what happens in the vintage kitchen they end up in, all you have to do is scroll down and watch the official video for Karmin’s debut single, “Crash Your Party”. Enjoy!

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