Karmin Premiere Official Music Video For "I Told You So"

Published On : May 8, 2012

Hot New Music Video For “I Told You So” by Karmin!

Did I hear anyone say “I Told You So”? Well, if you didn’t, Karmin sure did. The cute pop duo premiered the official video for their latest single taken off their debut album, “Hello”. Now, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan have been known to put out some really crazy videos, but this new one is meant for the loony bin… literally!

The video has a pretty odd theme to it. Amy plays the role of a crazy woman, locked up in a mental facility while Nick plays the role of the doctor who treats her illness (Dr. Nick… it sorta has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?). Well, so far, so good, you might be asking yourselves why we said the new video for “I Told You So” is weird… Ok, so the whole loony bin theme might not be so impressive, Karmin took us back in time in their previous video, so what’s so odd about this one?

Apparently, Dr. Nick makes his so called “crazy” patient undergo a Rorschach test, but after this, it all gets pretty confusing. Amy begins to have flash-backs of some very gruesome murders, and it would appear that she did some bad deeds in a night she simply blocked out of her memory. But wait, there’s more… wanna find out who actually committed the deadly deeds? Have a look below, cause we won’t spoil it for you!

Below you can watch the Brian DeCubellis-directed for Karmin’s “I Told You So“. Let us know if the butler did it 😉

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