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Karl Wolf - Hurting Lyrics (feat. Sway)

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Karl Wolf – Hurting Lyrics (feat. Sway) 

[Verse 1:]
Take… a look around me I wanted you to stay
Pain… Right at the bottom can’t recognize my face
Faith… thought we would last you closed the book and turned the pages
Sssstay… I don’t know why It’s got to be this way
Do you know… that I’m hurting?

All I ever really needed was some space
I needed some room to breath
Break from this bad energy
I made a mistake and I know I messed up
Girl I know you got my txt message so just call

Cause I’m hurting I’m hurting I’m hurting
So girl just come back to me
Cause I’m hurting, I’m hurting I’m hurting
You’d think I’m over you know girl you’re the baddest
Even though I’m in love you had to change my status
Cause I’m hurting I’m hurting I’m hurting
So girl just come back to me

[Verse 2:]
Take every thing I own don’t want it anymore
Pain can’t even rest you got me sleeping me on the floor
Faith we were the ones we did it all for the ages
Sssstay… I don’t know why it’s got to be this way
Do you know that I…

(Yes… yeah Sway bring the U.K up with this)

Listen… It ain’t true not all men are dogs but women think that shit to their menopause
I ain’t a playa I swear on my paws; I wish we could rewind the time and pause
Word up Carla I love dem clothes, I’m a London boy with a love that talks
I’m crushed like I’m on the floor, when she’s headed for the door and I am head for the floor
And you don’t tell me you don’t wanna wear them clothes (cause I’m hurting…)

[Chorus: To fade]

[Karl Wolf – Hurting Lyrics (feat. Sway)]

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