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Journey- One More Lyrics

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Journey- One More Lyrics 

Wicked prophets kill… speaking his name
In the glory of an innocent age
A king is born to a house filled with rage
One man’s fear is another man’s truth, one fear

The blind suffer at the hands of sin
Lines are drawn where the boundaries begin
Ten thousand broken, by the madness within

One more, cry in the night… one more
One more, war left to fight …one more
One life, cut down by fire
Once child’s, angry desire… one more

Hearts of stone, pride without shame
Wicked prophets, kill while speaking his name
As the heavens, fall from the sky

Brother to brother, blood on their hands
Desolation in the kingdom of man
Holy vengeance is the justice of hell
Mercy, mercy


Wings of fire… drums of thunder
No more, no more
One more, cry in the night… one more
One more was, was left to fight… one more

One life, cut down by fire
One child’s angry desire… one more
One more, one

[Journey- One More Lyrics]

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