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Joe Jackson - Citizen Sane Lyrics

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Joe Jackson – Citizen Sane Lyrics

If you want to
Live forever
Ask a doctor
Someone clever
He can put you on
Or get you off
Of the drug du jour

All you kings and martyrs
All the little girls and boys
Will thank you when you start us
Safely on the way to be Citizen Sane

If you want to
Make your mind up
Ask a preacher
Where you’ll wind up
He can take you in
Or shut you out
Of the final door

Hooray to be Citizen Sane in a world gone mad
Please may we just switch all our brains
On to good from bad
All we want’s the Word
And we want it now
No way do we want any pain or to feel too sad

If you want to
Join a mission
Ask the leader
For permission
He can put you down
Or pick you up
Off the killing floor

[Joe Jackson – Citizen Sane Lyrics]

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