Jennifer Lopez Steamy New Video For "Dance Again"

Published On : April 6, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Premieres Official Music Video For “Dance Again”

It’s out and it’s steamy hot! we are talking, of course, about the brand new video for Jennifer Lopez’s latest single, the Pitbull-assisted “Dance Again”. The pop diva made a simultaneous premiere of the clip, both on American Idol and VEVO. The songstress flaunts her new boyfriend, Casper in the clip, as the two share some very intimate moments in front of the cameras, in J-Lo’s luxurious mansion.

Jennifer simply glows in her new video, and we don’t just mean that metaphorically, Jenn is literally covered in glitter making her look fabulous. The music video starts off with a black and white caption that reads:

“Always remember… You will live, you will love, you will dance again”

And after the short words of inspiration, the real action begins, in a room that appears to defy gravity. Jennifer is lifted off the ground and taken to a “bed made of humans” on the ceiling… pretty interesting idea wouldn’t you agree?

Well, the as the video takes us further into the plot, we get to see that things between the 42-year-old pop diva and her 24-year-old boyfriend are getting pretty serious… The two are on the floor along with the extra dancers and they’re all pawing at each other, someone call the fire department…

Of course, Pitbull also has his share of hotness, the Latino rapper is shown in a separate room, spitting his verses while some interesting young ladies dance around him.

But enough story telling and lets have a look below at how the Paul Hunter-directed video for Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” single turned out.

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