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Jamie Foxx - Freakin' Me Lyrics (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

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Jamie Foxx – Freakin’ Me Lyrics (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) 

Apart of me wants apart of you baby
You started it now come and give me what I’ve been waiting for
Oh your lips are pressed against it
I can’t resist you don’t you taste it (don’t you taste it)
Just come and get a bit closer
Take it all baby I need it
And time don’t wait for no one some come on now
Make it whatever you want
It’s one night not forever
Right now could you tell me how I make you feel?

[Chorus (Marsha):]
You got my heart skipping beats and I can hardly speak
You got me breathing all night
How you freaking me [x5] … freaking baby
Baby you know it’s alright
Oh-oh my knees are shaking now I’m biting the sheets
You’re loving me so good boy so deep
You be freaking me [x4] freaking baby
Baby you know it’s alright

Show me how much you’ve been missing me
Oh that, do that there while you be kissing me
Yeah, let me get you over here
And you could lead me well
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to you tonight

Just go all the way with it
Loose control and stay with it
Take it girl
Know you can take it girl
Oh make it whatever you want
It’s one night, not forever
Could you tell me how I make you feel?

[Chorus (Marsha)]

[ad libs]

[Chorus (Marsha)]

[Jamie Foxx – Freakin’ Me Lyrics (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)]

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