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James Fortune - What If? Lyrics

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James Fortune – What If? Lyrics 

[Verse 1:]
What if I were a liar,
with the most amazing stories ever heard
What if I was a robber,
taking things that I didn’t earn
What if I was a killer,
That thought nothing of taking another life
What if I was suicidal,
and the only life I wanna take is mine
Would He love me
Would He forgive me
Would He save me
And dare to use me

[Verse 2:]
What if I had a baby,
that I didn’t allow to come into the world
And what if I’m confused,
About whether I’m a boy or girl
What if I took a husband,
away from his wife and his child
What if I said before,
I didn’t believe in God anyhow
Would He love me
Would He forgive me
Would He save me
And dare to use me

I don’t know everything
But this one thing I’m sure of
The blood of Jesus can make any sinner pure
Yes He loves you
Yes He’ll forgive you
Yes He’ll save you
He’ll even use you


Yes He loves you
He will forgive you
He will save you
He’ll even use you
Yeah, yeah…He will forgive you
Yeah, yeah…and He will save you
What if I was a

[James Fortune – What If? Lyrics]

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