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J.Cole - Grew Up Fast Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
J. Cole has reached an amazing number of two million followers on Twitter, and in order to celebrate this milestone, the singer has released a new song titled "Grew Up Fast".
The track was produced by Canei Finchand and it samples one of The Temptations member David Ruffin’s 1969 record "The Double Cross."

J.Cole – Grew Up Fast Lyrics

sometimes i think about it
and my pour heart wants to die about it
about the sweet sweet love i lost
and the weed i got double double cost
my god who else my free
i see it now and then
but i pretend i’m doing fine
when i’m about to lose my mind

oh nigga i grew up fast money falling out my pocket
i got too much cash
came for nothing and i’m pocket she got too much ash
like damn, well if you must cash
like god damn what if you must ask
wait for the school hot nox but you crew cut class
and that’s why don’t think i got a crew club pass
when i’m in the v police f*ckin with me
no sort no license i got this f*cking degree
over long s*cking i ain’t to see
unless you’re talking lock busters you niggas you’re not ..
you more diggy, me i’m more biggy no distant to the young one
i’m just rapping get bored quickly
just to make your for that line ..more with me
join the game let the..for these hores with me
run through their doors with me
hit the rist cut and for the night
leave a ..two dight wallets change a nigga life right
what up vanessa i love you one semester
thank to my professor i ball like uncle vester
thinking bout the ball i used to have above the dresser
have to shit i roll down i did it so now
i got new dolls
plus my money and new ball
funny how my all eyes is suddenly my new hoe
caught it every chicks and she model she swallow
so i only f*ck with hatrix
bitches what a few goals
bitches what a few goals

niggas keep me how i feel

not even slightly interested in what..
i got a great purpose that i hate the purpose
i’m a stack paper hustle than the relax later
certainly ’cause i’m brain change that’s the way it’s purpose
look how made em nervous
niggas is shaking i know they’re faking
okay you were killing right
..jamaican and ..and me and beyonce
energy is chisrt behaving, amd lvoe
from saving so f* good niggas is waiting
i’m the dead b father you’re the little brother
another words god damn it i’m a mother f*cker is call
it’s only right i brought back the soul
i got way to electro
did the techno
half way have no more
way too flow best show
learn something boy
cheap nigga if you look our..
matter of fact if you was..your hands up
call for you nigags go for your ass cup is call
yeah yeah yeah cold world
this nigga eve is a bitch
you told me to talk ..talking my shit

[Lyrics to Grew Up Fast performed by J.Cole]

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