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Hurt - Loded Lyrics

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Hurt – Loded Lyrics 

All depending on the future of a conflict
Your open-minded muscles never wanted anyone who would deliver such a blow into the system,
Part of you thinks it’s over now, but part of you knows that you’re a quitter.

You’ve got yours and I got mine
You got yours and I’ve got mind
You bought yours and I’ve got time
You lost yours and you want mine now.

Then you start to ask me why
It’s an offer that I mind
And you start to ask me twice
As you say your memory’s fine
And it’s something I should try
But you should try to live your life
When the days keep passing by…

You want me to get high with you
You want me to get loded
You want me to get by with you
You want me to get loded

So I called a friend an ear to lend
Who said “what is what?”
And one day tried to get me high
That I don’t mind
But I know a man should understand
What is weight, decisions made?
Can often change your mind
Until you get high

Life is hinging on the shoulders of a convict
You did your time and then the judge decided
You were fine
But when the choice arises you decided death from life again


If you want to hate me, fine!
Have a superficial time
As the center in you dies
You were searching for that high
When the poison burned your mind
You were warned a million times
Still you wanted to get me high


You want me, you want me, you want me
You warned me you want me, you want me
Do you want me to get high with you, to get low?

[Hurt – Loded Lyrics]

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