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Hoodie Allen - Flipping Out Lyrics

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Hoodie Allen – Flipping Out Lyrics

Flippin’ out
‘Cause I’m flippin’ out
Flippin’ out
Flippin’ out
‘Cause I’m flippin’ out
Flippin’ out

[Verse 1]
Yeah, good night, good mornin’
Wake it up, wake it up
Sleepy bacon egg McMuff-
Mikey told me start off everyday with some angel dust
Got that fairy, Tinkerbell
The shit that have me thinkin’, well
I’m sinking into deep depression, nosedive in the wishing well
Brought a bunch of quarters up
Sorry that your wish sucks
I’m in love with hip hop
But most of my fans just fist pump
Slutty girls in summer camp, they come to France and did stuff
And never eat and never leave, I think I see her ribs, yuck
Let me take you to American Apparel
Ooh, Abercrombie, nah Aeropostale
Mothers seem to love me, yeah I’m Eddie Haskelll
Locked a bunches of princesse-se-ses inside my castle
Made my own direction, yeah I never care what you say
I’m just like Skins, I work better in the UK
I just got in, they already screamin’ you late
Well, fuck the curfew, let’s keep it DL Hughley

I don’t really know just where my head’s at
I don’t really know what it’s about
So I flip out
And I like to flip out

[Verse 2]
Maybe I’ll admit it, everything I do is sicker
But I never take a day from work, I’m more like Cal E. Ripken
And I hate to share the stage, I’ll never say I’m Kelly Ripa
Rippin’ what? Rippin’ beats, shit. Ask me where’s Regis
Hotel was so clean til I brought her under sheets and
You ain’t heard of me, but I win, King’s speech, yep
This is what I do, leave them other kings speechless
Eatin all the tiger blood, the lunch that Charlie Sheen fixed
Ooh I really want, Ooh I really need this
Superficial women take me out to Chuck E. Cheese, quick
Please do not forget the fifth graders and the freegrets
Leave our table messy cause the waiter looks like Jesus
Uh, Jesus Christ, nah, Jesus from the neighborhood
What up to Long Island, I came back so I could say what’s good
More like De La Soul, less like other white folk
Have you seen 8 Mile, though? I choked


I don’t really know just where my head’s at
I don’t really know what it’s about
So I flip out
And I like to flip out

[Hoodie Allen – Flipping Out Lyrics]

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