Guns N' Roses To Release New Album?

Published On : November 8, 2011

Guns N’ Roses To Release New Album?

That made you look now didn’t it! But indeed there are soft whispers going through the music industry about GNR original members reuniting and recording new material. What most of you probably want to know is it just pie in the sky b.s or is there any substance to it. So, in order to satisfy your curiosity, let’s take a look at how this little rumor might have gotten started.

First of all, the original Gun’s & Roses quintet haven’t been together to record and release any new material since 1991 when they released two albums simultaneously in September, “Use You Ilusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II”.

From that point forward it was nothing short of chaos as band members came and went with Slash leaving in 1996 and bassist Duff McKagan being he last original member to bail in 1997.

Fast forward to the present. The 43rd edition of Guns N Roses (yeah, I’m saying that tongue in cheek, but it’s pretty dam accurate) just recently launched a 30 city US tour that kicked off in Orlando on October 28th and doesn’t wind up until early 2012. Ok, so that’s one issue that would hinder any type of reunion and recording, don’t you think?

What has most likely spurred these rumors is that Guns N Roses have been nominated to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s class of 2012. And as you well know inductees usually give a performance. Most think that such a reunion could spur even bigger and better things, like maybe a new album and a new tour with the original members. When asked about this very thing, Slash said in a recent interview with Billboard’s Gary Graff “I suppose if it happens, everybody will get some sort of ducks in order.”

Now let’s be realistic here, it’s going to take a whole lot of ducks, quite possibly a grand parade of ducks for this to happen. Why? Simple. The animosity between Slash and Axl Rose really has never died. You have to go back to 2009 when Rose, in an interview with Spinner. Dot com, told long time friend Del James “There’s zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash.” That was followed up by a interview with Billboard’s Joel Cohen where Rose stated “What’s clear is that one of the two of us will die before a reunion.”

So, with that said, do you really think you’re going to see any “new” material from the original cast of characters?

Until then, below you can listen to Guns N’ Roses “November Rain”, one of their best songs ever (it was released in 1992! Oldies but goldies 🙂  ):

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