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Gucci Mane & Young Scooter - Damn Lyrics

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Gucci Mane & Young Scooter – Damn Lyrics

Just lost my whole life saviors and the dice gang yesterday
Just got all the chill in the first day and they say we got red to pay
My nigga f*cked up got a bine now we even can’t make the bed,
Everything was going good, till the jury said thus they’re paying..
My money I ain’t right and where supposed to be
took the lost last weed, then we lost the whole three,
they gotta get better, they can’t get worst,
they say a ball man is a burden and I ain’t tryin to be a burder.

I need to get reach quick, can’t sign when I can trick
could be a best man at your wish ..just a f*ckin lick
you better boy here pistol witch and we ain’t shoppin in the city
he better shade them rich before he ..won’t have a split,
you baby mama suck her man dick, I swear your bitch deep
and now was on my day to day I let the bitch right in the risk
I remember I didn’t leave her had a call from nine to six
fawl niggas bound to pall man, now we’re going on the split,
when we drop the money chape the dope and watch out for the swutch
and I’m ballin like you ..’cause Gucci like to pitch
I got more times you mullian and you a f*cking click,
kiss you chick and say capisci, then I on your dick.


Everything was good so we can go
7 days later nigga flat broke,
walk a jug in the house and do the Julio
hit em with the banking let em at the door
every heart is Gucci got no for kicking dough,
every time I switch our pies, I hit up more joe,
bring the .. is in the fuck till you front door,
everything I have a ball I wipped it out the ball,
I gotta say these bricks so I can have re up and make some more
and I could go broke today I’m a real street nigga I never fall


[Gucci Mane & Young Scooter – Damn Lyrics]

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