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Future - Magic (Remix) Lyrics (feat T.I.)

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Future – Magic (Remix) Lyrics (feat T.I.)

Off top I’m bossed up, ain’t talking money don’t talk us
I’m still stacking that guap up
Ball harder den you when I’m locked up
You type of nigga dat pop up
When niggas rolling that kush huh
Got mine growing like grapevines
In the backyard, come look, bro
I pull up, hop out, bad bitches just pop out
U hating niggas better watch out, still riding with dat glock out
…it’s hostile… come check it dawg
Spend a couple of mills, no stress at all
Big bank roll no checks at all
… game ain’t won professional
You small ball like golfballs
I basketball, go ask your broad
Tell her legs open says me
Abracadabra, she wear for me
Like ta-ra, voila, Gucci Louie… prada, ah

Fishtailin’ out the parkin’ lot
Leavin’ Magic
Two bad b*tches & i got ’em out of magic
The way I make that work -disappear call it magic
Sipping on the purple and the yellow drinking magic .
Fishtailin’ out the parkin’ lot
Leavin’ Magic
Two bad b*tches & i got ’em out of magic
The way I make that work- disappear call magic
Sipping on the purple and yellow drinking magic.

Voila! magic, Voila! magic, Voila! magic, Voila! magic
Fishtailin’ out the parkin’ lot
Leavin’ Magic
Sipping on the purple and yellow drinking magic .

On my way to Aspen, i forgot to do my taxes
Call up my accountant, he gone make it to magic
Had to get a driver just to drop me at the airport(For What??)
The way i smoked the blunts man i burned ’em up like Newport(Smoke up)

$50,000 on a superstar’s attire (Design!)
KE & Young Future bringin’ them the fire
All this damn cash make a b*tch wanna retire
Gotta drop a half a brick you wanna put me on a flyer
‘Cause me but my lingo crazy
See these diamonds ain’t none of ’em forgave me
Two bad b*tches wanna f*ck me the greatest
Aye Young G in a brand new Mercedes
Turn out the lot imma do a 180
For the haters imma gone ‘head & do a 360
Drinkin’ on Sprite got lean all day
Imma Astronaut N*gga better chruch my pimpin’


Billionaire boy that’s true inspiration
Learned the Astronaut Kid no such thing as limitation
Flyin’ down 20 in the mothaf*ckin’ spaceship
Just left Magic in the mothaf*ckin'(dayship??)
Two b*tches trailin’ in a platinum Infiniti
Gotta thing for me, don’t wanna sing for me, they like my energy, imma embassy
I know tricks like Cris Angel
Ion trick but i could make you famous
you could disappear from yo past life
You a real(?) no outta sight
Im Pluto talkin’, Jimmy walkin’ when you walkin’
I used to be fly but now im hawkin’
I was an Earthlin’ now im SiFi
While i, i stay High]
My b*tches on they high horse
I double back like two cups
& pull out in that new Porche


[Lyrics to Magic (Remix) performed by Future(feat T.I.)]

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