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French Montana - Black And White Lyrics

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French Montana – Black And White Lyrics

White white liquor
Black or white girl which one to pick
Is the perfect picture stop pose
Is the perfect picture fuck it stop pose
Make the bade move top down we are copping
12 ladies choosing 12 .. cruising around town we are moving tell

.. that is moving I am about the baggage claim that package came
I am gonna zone my .. out white .. polo shirts .. about a house or two
Measure what that auto costs .. loco money took that top and cut it short
Talk about that true true money fuck that nigger who to cross them
Blow a hell of esteem .. like submarine shorty give me a .. now I am coming clean
Shorty stop that crime drink that liquor she drink that wine hit that ones I call mine
Top that .. don’t call my line a a a a a a a
24 hoes seen a million fans 24 your soul I have seen a million …

So what the fuck is this stress cause grown my knee medicine .. pause
My .. say his mommy once got cut off while she stand much behind the rent what the fuck
These niggers second guessing me I know the fucking recipe only fuck a rapper only like a refugee
Bitches dig me when I rap nigger feeling tipsy got the .. on my mind drop that top and let
The breeze in all that flash wiz in competition slanging in the back we got to wiz in

Came up in the game stumble on some chains caught boy that brick squad every hood the same
Stilling on these bitches I am posting money long match the numbers in my social
7 60 11 liquor got me .. what is up never hit that poney unless they let me sleep my girl
Read all about it top off that .. try to crawl about it cold boy nigger tell your girl about it

[French Montana – Black And White Lyrics]

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