Florence and the Machine's Official Music Video For "Breath of Life"

Published On : May 15, 2012

Florence and the Machine Premiere New Video For “Breath of Life”

The highly anticipated release of “Snow White and the Huntsman” is almost here, and the promotion campaign amps up with Florence and the Machine’s new video for the theme song of the movie, “Breath of Life”. The amazing song was recorded by Florence Welch especially for the soundtrack of the movie, and as we would have expected, the freshly premiered clip features footage from the actual movie, mixed with scenes from the recording studio, where we get to see the beautiful red-head doing what she knows best.

Now, the song is so powerful and inspiring, that one might have expected a big budget video for it, but the big star here is of course “Snow White and the Huntsman”, so there’s nothing we can do about it now. Fans will just have to settle with seeing footage from London’s historic Abbey Road Studios, where Florence Welch recorded “Breath of Life” along with a 60-person choir and an orchestra.

The clips from the recording sessions are shot in black and white, contrasting with the colorful movie scenes from “Snow White and the Huntsman”. When asked about the song and the video, Florence declared that:

“It was amazing to see the music we played being turned into this amazing orchestral thing. I love choirs and I love choral music, and there was a 60-piece choir singing the vocal parts that I had written. When the baritones came in, I nearly wept, it was so emotional.”

Now, we’re sure that you simply can’t wait to see the new video, so have a look below and also get a sneak preview of some very interesting movie scenes. Enjoy!

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