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Electric Six- Talking Turkey Lyrics

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Electric Six- Talking Turkey Lyrics

You get the hotel,
I’ll get the box of wine.
No sadder words had been spoken,
Since the dawn of time.
When we were young,
We never think that it will come to this,
Because you only get one shot;
I took my shot and missed.

She said “You just keep it still love,
I’ll get the cameras going”.
I’m still amazed at the things I do,
To keep my debts from growing.
She says “We’ve got some sort of symbiotic relationship”,
And for our purposes,
She says she finds me well equipped.

(She’s barkin’ up my tree),
(And bouncin’ on my knee).
Like some sort of Buddha-baby!
(She’s a talkin’ turkey),
(Smokin’ my jerky).
I guess I’m in the market for what she’s hawkin’,
Build some more shelves cause we’re gonna keep stockin’,
We can talk turkey till the turkey starts talkin’ to me!

Her stomach’s bigger than my eyes!
(Happy Thanksgiving, baby!)
She smothers me inside;
This time I daren’t forget the gravy.

She says “I’ll just freshen up now,
I’m expecting some more friends”.
And it’s becoming clear to me,
There’s more filth around the bend.
She said (?) for the kind of internet,
And she always gets everything that she sets out to get.

(She’s teaching birds and bees),
(And always pushin’ me).
Like a leather monstrosity!
(She’s a talkin’ turkey),
(Smoking the jerky).
Better get the door ’cause I hear your friends knocking,
(?) and just keep walking.
We can talk turkey till the turkey is talking to me!
Talking to me!

She’s shaking her thighs!
(You know how to treat a lady),
She smothers me and dies!
Happy Thanksgiving, baby,
Happy Thanksgiving, baby,
Happy Thanksgiving, baby,
Happy Thanksgiving, baby!

[Electric Six- Talking Turkey Lyrics]

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