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Eddie Vedder - Skipping Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Eddie Vedder released a song titled "Skipping" as part of a touching compilation titled "Every Mother Counts", which will be released by an association who wants to raise awareness about maternal mortality during pregnancy.
The song takes the form of a letter written by a parent to their child, and it blends in perfectly with Eddie's daughter playing the acoustic guitar.

Eddie Vedder – Skipping Lyrics

I didn’t have to ask you, just took my hand
Off we went skipping throughout the land
The sky was blue and the blood filled my head
Me and you skipping throughout the land

All of my life from beginning to end
What i remember is holding your hand
And all that i’ll cherish is that time that we’ve spent
Me and you skipping throughout the land

All the loves lost and the one that i found
You lifted my gaze up off of the ground
Forever we’ll talk and forever we’ll drown
In each other skipping around

Gravity pulls so many men down
The atmosphere breathes but not in this town
You took me away and you held me so proud
Skipping, skipping, skipping around

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Could not keep me from holding your hand
When all that i wanted was something to protect
And all that i needed was your voice in my head
And all i remember from this life that i lived
Is me and you skipping throughout the land

[Lyrics to Skipping performed by Eddie Vedder]

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