David Guetta Premieres Official Video For "I Can Only Imagine"

Published On : July 2, 2012

David Guetta, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Premiere New Music Video For “I Can Only Imagine”

David Guetta is joined by two of the biggest names in hip-hop, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne for the new official video for his latest single, “I Can Only Imagine”. Of course, we couldn’t expect anything less but greatness from him, as far as the visuals are concerned, and we were right, the video is indeed fantastic!

As David Guetta himself said, the video itself is not going to be based on a very well defined story line, but more on interesting visual images:

“This one is more like crazy, super strong images, and futuristic images”

And that being said, the French producer, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown set out on a very futuristic adventure: Guetta controls the games, from a touchscreen desk, while Chris Brown tries on a light suit which flashes lights to the sound of David Guetta’s music. Lil Wayne keeps up with his co-workers by riding his skateboard on a glowing-in-the-dark ramp.

The person in charge of keeping up with Guetta’s imagination and directing the video is none other than Colin Tilley who declared that:

“It looks very surreal from a whole other planet,” Tilley revealed. “It kinda feels like ‘Minority Report.’ It’s just got a really crazy vibe and [Guetta’s] controlling everything that’s happening in his world. He’s controlling these dancers that are going crazy, he’s controlling Chris Brown in this room with this mask on.”

Have a look below and watch the final results for David Guetta’s “I Can Only Imagine” featuring Lil Wayne and Chris Brown:

And below is a behind the scenes video, have a look and see what happened on set:

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