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Ciara - Be Out Lyrics

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Ciara is back in the music industry, the beautiful songstress has leaked two new songs, both in one week. One of the songs is tiled “Be Out" and it really manages to show off the singer's vocals.

Ciara – Be Out Lyrics

see i’ve been patient with you for a minute
but now i’m closer to say just forget it
because whenever i talk about how that is going down
you never pay me attention
when we talk about things that you do
i tell you how much i’m happy for you
but from this day forward i am starting over
and boy i want you to

hear me now and be right now
(you gotta support me )
if you really love (you gotta support me)
then you’ll be here for me
(save your words and shoe me how)
how much you adore me
cause love isn’t one way
you gotta show me
boy you can be playing me up

every other day can get our stuff and
be out be out, be out be out, be out be out
better man who can treat me better man
jealous man

i want someone to be committed
cause what you doing now
just not gonna work
and you even i know i love you boy
i refuse to let you just do it in
and pretend aint happen
because i am not gonna throw away time
and i am too young to living my life
with someone who ever try to compromise

[chorus x 2]

save the words and show me how
i want you to adore me
be out be out
i can fnd a better when you talk about love
you talking about two way street respect is just not enough
dedication is what we need
when you talk about us
is the way it suppose to be
you talking is aint enough
i need a man who can understand
who’s be always be here

[chorus x 2]

[Lyrics to Be Out performed by Ciara]

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