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Chris Young- When She's On Lyrics

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Chris Young- When She’s On Lyrics

She turns every head comin’ down the sidewalk
In that red sundress that she just bought
Causin’ a traffic jam on a green light
A string of pearls showin’ off a suntan
And all those curls dancin’ around in her Ray Bans
If you think that’s somethin’ to see
You ought to see her when she’s…

On that front porch in those cut-off jeans
And that Texas Longhorn t-shirt hair dryin’ in the breeze
Hummin’ along to some old Haggard song
You ought to see her when she’s on

Down at the office in those high heels
Lookin’ like a million closin’ big deals
She’ll remind the boys my eyes are way up here
Yeah, that’ll make you smile ear to ear
You ought to see her when she’s…


That leather couch, readin’ that fairytale
To a sleepy-eyed little girl in pajamas and ponytails
Sayin’ one day your prince charmin’ will come along
You ought to see her when she’s on
You ought to see her when she’s…


That leather couch readin’ that fairytale
That’s when she’s on, that’s when she’s on
That front porch, in those cut-off jeans
That’s when she’s on
Whoa, when she’s on
That’s when she’s on

[Chris Young- When She’s On Lyrics]

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