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Chris Young- Lost Lyrics

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Chris Young- Lost Lyrics

I’m out on the highway
Just about a mile away
Meet me out in the driveway
I’m gonna be there soon
I’ll swing by and pick ya up
Don’t bother gettin’ fixed up
Me and you and this old truck
Will find somethin’ to do
No I ain’t got no plan in mind
It’s such a perfect night so I just thought
We could go get lost

Lost down some old back road
Lost in a song on the radio
Lost in your deep blue eyes
I don’t care if we spend all night
Lost by the river cross the turnpike
Somewhere near nowhere it’s my
Favorite thing to do
Whatcha say, girl, me and you
Go get a little lost

Come on, baby, let’s go
When we get there we’ll know
No bars on my cell phone
Sounds good to me
We can find us a place to park
By the water underneath the stars
And do a little fishin’ in the dark
If you know what I mean
Well all we need is a tank of gas
So grab that GPS and turn it off
And let’s go get lost


No I ain’t got no plan in mind
It’s such a perfect night so I just thought
That we could get…


[Chris Young- Lost Lyrics]

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