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Chris Brown - Get Down Lyrics (Feat. T-Pain & B.o.B)

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Editor's comments:
Chris Brown, T-Pain and B.o.B. are ready to "Go Down" on their collaborative track.
T-Pain brings the auto-tune in the track while Breezy and B.o.B show their skills on the lyrics.

Chris Brown – Get Down Lyrics (Feat. T-Pain & B.o.B)

Hey, oh
Hey, oh

Rits in the back seat of a ghost
Doin’ too much, Doin’ the most
Rims spinnin cruise control
The girls see me they lose control
I’ma gang spitter my mouth grab a milly
You ain’t heard about me i got cloud round the city
Six fifty BM duwb
And i step up in the spot they show me love

Pre chorus:
If you know what i’m sayin say
If you know that i ain’t plan say ohh
Just get them hands wait in bed
Then if you get it get it get down
If you get it get it get down

I hit the spot girls, get it get it get down
Traveling around the world get it get it get down
Uh i know you rock it girl get it get it get down
Just drop it to the floor you show it all
You know what you’re doing baby
Get that body movin baby
Won’t you back it up on me
You keep wondering about my throw this money in the..
Yuo stay runnin long enough you gonna see

Rits, you know i’m gonna get it
Money stack it up and i’m about to buy city
Lady killer doggy want to kid it,
I’m about to break her up
She got that pretty the babe that good good
I’m digo ey really good good
Six fifty BM duwb and i step up in this spot to show me love

[pre chorus:]

Walking in the building feeling like i’m on the buildin
When we pull up to the front it’s like an automotive dealer
Shipping something up the nature blowing blowing get the table
Please stop blowing my buzz i’m trying to ball with mother nature
All you haters so played out y’all so 1999
I’m so these aint even out yet, no you can’t find these online
And all my passion forward just to go around
I got that lazy boy salary my pocket stay on recline
Everybody get down i’m throwing six out
Matter of sayin i don’t roll the six pounds and blow that shit down
Matter of sayin if looks could kill she have the pistol in her purse
Once of the dawn..Like ring she not..I get down

[pre chorus:]

[Lyrics to Get Down performed by Chris Brown (Feat. T-Pain & B.o.B)]

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