Chevy Woods Biography

Chevy Woods Biography

Chevy Woods is cut from a different cloth. As a part of the Taylor Gang— a diverse crew led by Wiz Khalifa, but which also includes Chevy and non-rappers Will Dzombak, Sledgren and Motor, Woods is next in line. Originally known as Kev Tha Hustla, Chevy made his mark appearing on a number of early Wiz mixtapes like Grow Season and Prince of the City Pt. 2 after the two met in ID Labs studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

Kev then went on to tour with the smoked-out rapper and dropped a few tapes of his own before changing his name into Chevy Woods last year. In March, Chevy released his breakout tape Red Cup Music, a project that features Juicy J and French Montana.

Though he is always repping his Gang, Chevy Woods is ready to step into the spotlight himself. would like to make the formal introduction.

Age: 29
Reppin’: Pittsburgh, PA
Notable Releases: Mixtapes as Kev Tha Hustla; The Corner’s Correspondent, Animal; as Chevy Woods, Pilot Shit, Red Cup Music
Accomplishments: “Getting away from the streets,” touring the country with Wiz Khalifa.
Hometown Love: “They support me, through Twitter, Facebook. When I’m gone [on the road] I see all of Pittsburgh reppin’ for Chevy Woods.”

Why He Started Rapping:
I was just like jokin’ around. Me and my homies when we were kids we’d take instrumentals and rap over it playin’ around. It became serious at a point when I went to college and I met this dude who had his [mixtapes] pressed up and ready to go, passing them out. I was like, “You’re in school doin’ this. I wanna get down with that.” I just started writing from there, not knowing how to put 16s or hooks or nothing together. Just doin’ it straight paper, straight rappin’.

Who His Influences Are:
It was actually like a lot of neighborhood guys. I never really listened to music— like mainstream people and grasped anything real because I know it’s entertainment. There were a couple of people in my neighborhood that was rappin’ and they were sayin’ everything that was goin’ on around the neighborhood. I never really listened to mainstream shit when I was young. I just stayed with the local scene. Rest in peace to G Drop, my big homie Richie Loc that’s down right now doin’ 13.

Who He’d Like To Work With:
Right now I’m trying to work with Nipsey [Hussle], maybe like Big Sean. I want to stay in the same circle for real. I was introduced to all the same people and I got the same cool vibe from them.

How He’d Describe His Style:
It’s street—definitely. I can do either or, but it’s a lot of edge to it being where I am from.

What His Goal Is:
Just to keep doin’ it. I love music, so I want to keep doin’ it. Do it ‘til the end, ‘til it’s nothin’ left. That’s my ultimate goal, to never be out of this shit.

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