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Cher Lloyd - With Your Love (feat Mike Posner) Song Review

Cher Lloyd- With Your Love (feat Mike Posner) Song Review

Cher Lloyd “With Your Love” – Better Than “Swagger Jagger”?

One thing is for certain, Cher Lloyd is trying to establish herself as a legitimate pop songstress with the release of the single “With Your Love.”

No matter what you think of her, and so far the camps have been either you love her or hate her, she is definitely trying to showcase her talent that first brought her the spotlight from the UK X Factor.

Even though “With Your Love” has received plenty of press since it was officially released back in October of 2011, what usually is the best indicator of a single is the reaction is gets from the fans.

And the best reaction of all is if the fans are putting up their hard earned cash to buy it through the various retail channels. So with that said, our staff started to scour the charts just to see how well Lloyds second single from her album “Sticks And Stones” is performing.

And to date, even after being in the marketplace for almost three months, the best we could find was it currently sits at number 16 on the New Zealand Top 40 chart. This is not exactly what one would consider a hit.

Maybe it’s Lloyd’s style of trying to sing-rap that hasn’t quite caught on with the fan base yet. It seems kind of a shame because the lyrics of the song, at least for the most part, are quite soft and could have been done as a love song. But it wasn’t.

One would have thought that by using producer Max Martin, and having Mike Posner make an appearance on the song would have given it just a bit more credibility. And so far that hasn’t happened either.

If this was to be Lloyd’s attempt at cracking into the US market, which is ruled by the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and others, the best advice we can give her is time to go back to the drawing board and rethink your strategy.

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