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Cat Martino - I Promise Lyrics (feat Sufjan Stevens)

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Editor's comments:
Cat Martino plays her part in the most recent installment of Weathervane/WXPN's "Shaking Through".
The songstress was joined by Sufjan Stevens who played the keyboards and Chris Powell on the drums. The song is titled "I Promise" and it was written, produced and recorded in just 48 hours, as the "Shaking Through" campaign implies.

Cat Martino – I Promise Lyrics (feat Sufjan Stevens)

Remember the time you got lost
I almost fell off the edge
You saved me with your lasso’s light
Before it turned darkness
Climbed and climbed the mountain tops
I couldn’t believe it would ever stop
Going on, going on
What could’ve made our love that way
We both know our one true flaw
Stand my believe, you’re going
You escaped into the parking lot

I’m tired to try and follow you home
Can we ever go back to the life we had
Can we ever go back to the life we had
While it’s over

Sat there in a hole, in the šadden sun
I buried you there, that’s what I’m doing
And I dig up my gun
Shove my shiny silver silhouette
It was not for revenge, out of pay
It was just to see if I explode in
Million sparks of rage
I ain’t favoring myself to darken
Baby it’s not about you anymore

Tell me I could never go
To touch the riv within
Only warmth I know, only flesh in the skin
Heave the heart it’s humming in my spine
And I need to feel it beating

Need a feeling, why we could never go back
To the life we had, we can never go back
To the life we had, we can never go back
So I’m telling myself, I’m ready now

Here I am, trying again
I’ve got every reašon, Every reason
If you open up the game
I can get in the way
Against the brick wall you built

You can you never go back to the life you had
You can only go back to the life you have

[Lyrics to I Promise performed by Cat Martino (feat Sufjan Stevens)]
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