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Cam'ron - Something New Lyrics (feat. Hell Rell)

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Cam’ron – Something New Lyrics (feat. Hell Rell) 

Look ma i don’t care who you with i ain’t here to shoot the shit you see me you goin to see an exclusive
whip coup the 6 thats neither here nor there or we can be here or there you feel me i’m killa so that
mean you dealin with scriller you eva felt chinchilla hu

[Verse 1]
killa a yo she either on the internet (computer) or watch her lifetime (tv) but she neva met me in her
lifetime (neva) wore a size 5 but was 5’9 i keep 99’s 9 for the pipe line
[Hell Rell]
and they call me ruga rell how you doin baby (wats good) i’m like u-haul with the bricks i can move them
baby yea mr.campbell i’m kind of soup ma but i ain’t with the talkin is you getting in the coup ma
plus her eyes hot get in my drop she said why shit i’m like why not where you wanna go to waffle house
i-hop sit your head on my lap meet cyclops
[Hell Rell]
or we can do mr.k on the weekdays steak house weekends feeling use your cheapskins now i’m all grown up
with a peach benz i’m try to fuck i don’t really want to be friends

she fly (she fly), she cute (she cute), she ride (in what) in coups, she true, she nice, she rude, but she
still want something new

[Verse 2]
dipset you remeber summer crazy but you been mad since brenda had a baby (91) i’m just a offspring
member of the 80’s get surrended to a lady get offended if they play me (woo) i know a lot of men of men
are phony you just looing for that homie that could be your tender runey that one and only that stop from
being lonely that chuc chi to your joney to rock your little poney
[Hell Rell]
hell rell and a model sitting in the gt k-i-s-s-i-n-g first come love na it ain’t love i’m a gangsta let
her hold my gunz and my drugs yea i know she feeling a gangsta but its hard for her to deal with a
gangsta cause its certin things that she go to do to keep me happy fry some good chicken when i hear her
call me daddy i’m from weeks ave mama i get cash mama those some sexy thighs i like that ass mama i’m
something like a g cause i bust my mack mame you don’t love me you just love my swag
she fly (she fly), she cute (she cute), she ride (in what) in coups, she true she nice, she rude, but she
still want something new

[Verse 3]
and i’m lack toast and talerent pack toast no talerent black mack in back pack black jack amd holla
since any turbelince will go privodince keep the murder tince in the ampalla minch any murded prints no
actknowledge meant i got to work sir she’s in college miss if i like her i’m cuffing her the wife of a
hustler be nice to your custumers when she bite and a mustler tight when i cuddle her thats right when i
puzzl her yea right for the juggler i ain’t tryin to juggle her diamonds when i smother her
[Hell Rell]
and you know all my guns got a muffler just wanna see the slut in her i don’t want a hug from her (nope)
this the life and i’m livin it up if you wanna be with a g then get in my truck yea

she fly (she fly), she cute (she cute), she ride (in what) in coups, she true she nice, she rude, but she
still want something new

[Cam’ron – Something New Lyrics (feat. Hell Rell)]

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