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Cam'ron - Movin' Raw Lyrics (feat. Vado)

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Cam’ron – Movin’ Raw Lyrics (feat. Vado) 

I feel like, the streets is hungrier than ever!
I feel like this is necessary! (Uh) Vado you with me?

I keep my ear to the streets so I can hear what niggas thinkin’ ’bout me
You ain’t gotta ask niggas what they think about me
Leave your party before the toast, like ya’ll could drink without me
Keep a set of twins baddest Tamara Tia Maudie
Berkin’ badge, lookin’ like her purse pregnant
Hottest track in seeing my worst record, no work ethic
No hooks, we just making sure every verse reckless
Whats presented without a way, you hearing first segment
Shoot up’s with niggas from up the block from me
Pick the drop off, damn near stole a whole block from me
Convertible ass niggas, then gave the drop on me
Feelin’ myself in this presidential like Barack on E
Diamond bezel, red face, never under sleeps
Gunner squeeze, no chain, neck a hundred beads
Send my dogs at you, had you cast, running trees
Coke or weed, you could eat here, just no pumpin’ D

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
24 we be movin’ rawwwww
Lennox, 7th, 8th of the Broad
Wayward way, we move it all

Chloe, Louie, Fendi for Cindy
Don’t be salty brother (why you mad?)
Lori different story, Maury, multi-colors
Move sour D, hourly, 100 gram is our fee
Push flower, but stay powder free
24 hours, Jack Bauer, lack pop black top
Black power, spray ’em up, fast shower
And might I tell, my clientele is buying well
Wanna say gracias to Raphael, might as well
Cause y’all copy cats, 10-4 copy that
Wanna pull me in? Well you got me back, cocked the Mack
Popped his hat, quarter mill I lost it but I got it back
Flipped it quick, tripled it
How hot is that, how hot is that?
It’s like I’m scoring, you give me I’ll make a lot of points
These ain’t Adidas, these the D&G soccer joints
They got four stripes, me, I got 5 baby
G14, 1 Ounce, 580

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
24 we be movin’ rawwwww
Lennox, 7th, 8th of the Broad
Wayward, way we move it all

Yo, find ’em leanin’ at the bar, 50 shots of liqueur
Guess who the hotter nigga (Vado!)
You aggy, should be happy I got a lot of niggas
Mescata niggas, that’s why I designed Prada niggas
Bout it niggas, just squeeze, don’t think about it niggas
Kavali zippers, guap flippers, work the route
Show you how to drop pounds off without workin’ out
I’m who you heard about, just off of word of mouth
Thanksgiving, find ’em in the fox, handing turkeys out

Man, I see why they hatin’, or try my patience
Cause my earrings are lookin’ like some diamond datin’s
Truck sirens and the lights send the wire out
Hoes in the crib bitch, welcome to the fire house!
What you’a crying about? My entire route.. (what else?)
Well my entire ’bout to be there and requires clout
Fuck it, try ’em out, come up short, lie ’em out
Hitman, fly ’em out, this is what fly’s about.

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
24 we be movin’ rawwwww
Lennox, 7th, 8th of the Broad
Wayward, way we move it all
Winter (Yep), Summer (Word), Spring (I know), Fall (Damn)
24 we be movin’ rawwwww
Lennox (yes), 7th (huh?!), 8th of the Broad (Harlem!)
Wayward, way we move it all

[Cam’ron – Movin’ Raw Lyrics (feat. Vado)]

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