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Britney Spears - Pleasure You Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Don Philip, Britney Spears' ex collaborator has leaked a demo version of an old song titled "Pleasure You (Say What)" which features Brit's powerful vocals.
Even if the track will not end up being promoted as a single, it sounds pretty good and it's worth a few listens.

Britney Spears – Pleasure You (Say What) Lyrics (feat. Don Philip)

You got it girl
You’re ready feelin’ the rhythm
The beat goes wild
So crazy under rush of thinkin’
Come on girl
Just bring it on and getting closer
You celebrate
Tonight you’re all I ever wanted

So hutch it up on the dance floor
Now shake it up I’ll make you wonder
Your body’s sweating to the music
Oh boy I’m lovin’ what you’re doin’

You got it girl
Just give me freaking out addiction
The party is wild
So .. tonight you got me crushing
Come on girl
Just turn me on and feel the fire
Let’s celebrate tonight I’m all you ever wanted

You’re burning
I’m burning


[Lyrics to Pleasure You (Say What) performed by Britney Spears (feat. Don Philip)]

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