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Bow Wow - Talking About Lyrics

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Editor's comments:

In anticipation of his upcoming new album "Underrated", Bow Wow has released a double treat for the fans, a new song titled "Talking About", and along with it, a new music video too.

Bow Wow – Talking About Lyrics

talk about
do we talk about
we talk about

when i talk about bow let’s talk about bow
is somebody got they losin my shit
when they talk about ans they can talk about this
look on my haters they got on my dick
when i talk .. this talk about cars
talk about how many homes i owe
many homes i .. f*ck your ..i don’t charge
just leave me alone talk about about truth
talk about fake when we talk about true
you know me and i know you
let’s give that way when it’s too cool
when i talk about shit i wanna answer to y’all
when i’m smoking this drink with my hands on the ball
i’m done with the interview
it’s when i’m done with you
cut down ..

everybody wanna talk everybody wanna laugh
when they don’t know shit ..their mouth
everybody wanna feel but they dont know me
but their mother f*cker don’t know what they’re talking about
talking about, talking about, talking about
talk about my business
everybody wanna talk,
everybody wanna laugh when they don’t know shit
runnin their mouth
everybody feel they don’t know me
but it’s mother f*cka don’t know what they’re talking about
talking about, talking about, talking about

f*ck about my bitch
talk like we sound talk about movies
talk about .. say nada
everybody always wanna f*ck with me
look at me
like it’s kind of problem
let’s talk about how much i y’all niggas
nigga don’t play me
other nigga doing to me
say my nigga ..that right that recorded
that’s a ..can you afford it
some with it you’ll be waiting ..
some .. do
put that when you website
you still sleep


[Lyrics to Talking About performed by Bow Wow]

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