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Bobby V - Heaven (My Angel, Pt. 2) Lyrics

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Bobby V – Heaven (My Angel, Pt. 2) Lyrics 

I think I found what I been looking for
Even though I saw you girl, you were still invisible
All this time girl, little did I know
You had the key to unlock my heart
You keep me on cloud 9
Dont wanna fall down ooh please keep me high
I wanna stay on cloud 9
Not gonna mess up, no not this time

Girl, spread your wings and take me with you
Suspended in air with you babe
Let me fly away with you
I feel that you fell straight from heaven [x3]
I feel that I gotta piece of heaven [x3]

[Verse 2:]
After all these years girl, your still beautiful
Wait, stop, hit cruise control
I wanna fly fly to cloud 24
Thats where lovers go at night
You got my body, you got my mind
That’s where I wanna go tonight
Not gonna mess up, no not this time..

[Chorus repeats until end]

[Bobby V – Heaven (My Angel, Pt. 2) Lyrics]

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