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Bizzy Bone- It's Only Me Lyrics

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Bizzy Bone- It’s Only Me Lyrics

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
Let us be all we can be
Baby it’s only me; nothin but mud, spirit, indeed me
Let us be all we can be
Baby it’s only me; nothin but mud, spirit, indeed me
Let us be all we can be
Baby it’s only me; nothin but mud, spirit, indeed me
Let us be all we can be
Baby it’s only me, it’s only me, only me

[Bizzy Bone]
For you, I walk in my sins
and put it out to the world about the things that I did, that I did
For you, I give ’em the paper, look at the world
and the haters and watch where I cast my pearls
For you, I’ll walk through the fire and the blistery winter
Constantly in prayer, even pray for the minister
For you, they can call me any name in the book
I take a look and skip the knowledge, put it on my knees brook
For you, it’ll water the longer we stand in fire
When the grace and the peace and we’ll never retire
For you, I’ll answer your question, in a secretive manner
Very selective of the answers
I’m for you, I grind in the most righteous way
If possible if it’s probable I’ll give you anything you say
For you, tears they will drop like rain
I can’t help it I see you hurtin it make me damn insane, for you


[Bizzy Bone]
From death and destruction, vivid pictures of the corpse
Nobody would tell me, I see the matrix takin a loss
And cherish your soul, the main ingredient of course
The liquor to soothe the mortal spirit, baby I’m tossed
I’ma grind in the church, in the body we walkin
Our cathedral, the congregation’s beautiful equal
But when the time comes my people, better be prepared
For anythang in these last days better be, aware
Smokin this purple haze, I’m goin crazy on the voices
Throwin shit inside of my brain I maintain the sickest noises
Alliance and allegiance, for the one almighty
Without the science we the faithful ready for war, y’all try me
Wicked army they could never buy me, can’t even ride with me
Bitin my babies and we need the love highly
They frightening my babies but it’s good cause I’m a soldier
And I’m walkin in a narrow path, baby I told you!


[Bizzy Bone]
Bryon, Orion my vision I’m here to unite the fuckin aliens and angels
My solomon give me the angle
Who in the dango, pop on one of my partners, c’mon my mama armor
Flip out with the wicked dip out, I’m doin the damn thang
School by the ministers, sinister wicked to contemplate
Sinners they wanna comply with hate, baby don’t even play me
I was raised by those Africans, protected by Ethiopians
And I read that grease was deep in the ruins, open yo’ fallopian
Philomina my Grandmother, Masedonia Mama
Bah-bah Corinthians on simpletons fast
With the job Bone everlast, got the narrow path father
Set up shop come up out the coffin and we finna go find the grass
Clash with the titans, I don’t even think that motherfuckers be bitin
But I know that other fuckers be fightin
Sit this Mike Tyson missionary, dictionary rappers said Emmanuel
Fuck with the chambers and I beat that ass well


[Bizzy Bone- It’s Only Me Lyrics]

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