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Big K.R.I.T. - Sky Club Lyrics

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Big K.R.I.T. – Sky Club Lyrics 

Now I’m popped up twice, drink on ice
High beams on, forever top flight
My high flow, cabin pressure low
Watching out for traffic control
I’m clear for landing, landing, landing
I’m clear for landing, landing, landing
I’m clear for landing, landing, landing
Shit, I’m too fly to be touched
Too hard to be crushed

[Verse 1]
Jammin’ when I pull out on the scene
Hoes hop up out they jeans
Jaws drop up on the scene
When that plane be super clean
Like something out of a dream or a movie
Groovy broads dress up at they choosin’
I feel ’em all the same
Down to do whatever before I ask ’em they name
They just wanna know Krizzle can you sing
I say yes I can
Even with the highs and lows
Pull up in that old ride
Do it like a playa ‘posed
Back to what I was talkin’ ’bout
Don’t miss out on this pimpin’ cause ain’t no stalling out
I get ya where you wanna
That’s if ya calling out to me from the stands
I’ll holla at ya when we land


[Verse 2]
This that skew it on the Bar-B, where’s the party
Summertime and feeling fine and drinking forties
With my kinfolk playing spades and still debating
Bout going to the club after, shit’s overrated
I’m kinda faded, my shawty jaded
Cuz I don’t pick up when she call, it’s complicated
Holla later, roller skating, super bassing
Turn it up to the max like goodness gracious
It’s back breaking, my neighbors hate me
Keep it shaking, 808 earthquaking, life changing
The way it knock on the pavement hear me in Asia
The way it thump in the trunk, you’ll think I’m in danger
Becoming one with the sun like a space invader
Another shot just before it I don’t need a chaser
Reggie Miller ain’t a liar, we don’t like the Pacers
When you in my plane hangar


If you drinking and you po’ somethin’
One time, one time for y’all
If ya smoking and you roll somethin’
One time, one time for y’all
To all my family let me hold somethin’
One time, one time for y’all
And all them broads that’s down to show somethin’
One time, one time for y’all


[Big K.R.I.T. – Sky Club Lyrics]

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