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Ben Folds- Password Lyrics

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Ben Folds- Password Lyrics

I know you
You think I don’t but I do
I’ve been listening and I don’t forget so I can do this
I can pass the test
You went to school in Chicago
Your mom’s maiden name is Dupree
Your favorite actor is DeNiro
Your birthday’s 03/08/83


I know you
You think it’s weird but it’s not
You’re all looking at it all upside down
It actually means I really love you
You used have a dog called Mantey
You only drink chardonnay
Your sister’s pet name is CeeCee
You have a thing for David Blaine


And I know you

I know you
You think I’m blind but I’m not
I’ve been watching and what I’ve noticed is distraction, boredom and vacancy
I know your favorite dish
I know your favorite band (Polyphonic S.P.R.E.E.)
You spent a year in Barcelona (B.A.R.C.E.L.O.N.A.)
That asshole’s name was Anthony

Turns out you never went to T.U.L.S.A.
To see your old roommate J.A.N.E.
I think my middle name is S.U.C.K.E.R.
And I was born yesterday

I don’t know you
I thought I did but I don’t
I wasn’t listening to the right things
One day I won’t even remember your face

[Ben Folds- Password Lyrics]

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