Aaron Lewis Biography

Aaron Lewis Biography

Aaron Lewis, (born , 1972 in Rutland, Vermont), is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the post-grunge group Staind as well as a Grammy nominated songwriter.


Lewis grew up, largely, in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Lewis was, before Staind, in a band known as J-CAT with Tori Sands, Chris Ballini, and Staind bandmate Jon Wysocki. An album surfaced on the internet with nine of J-CAT’s performances at Club Infinity in Springfield, Massachusetts. The performances were recorded while Dysfunction was being recorded. Two of Staind’s popular singles—”Outside” and “It’s Been Awhile”—were both originally performed by J-CAT with somewhat different lyrics.

Lewis has been nominated for three Grammys. His hobbies include fishing, golf and riding his mini dirt bike. He has worked in landscaping, cleaned hotel rooms, and played solo acoustic sets in bars around Atlanta. He is married to Vanessa Lewis and has three daughters, Zoe Jane, Nyla Rae and Indie Shay. Aaron has two sisters Evyette and Rachel. He was featured on the song No Sex by Limp Bizkit on their sophomore album Significant Other. He was also featured on a remix for the song “Crawling” on Linkin Park’s album Reanimation (the remix is titled “Krwlng” on the album), as well as Cold’s album 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage, in which he contributed vocals to the song “Follow” and on the songs “Bleed” and “Send In the Clowns” by the band Cold. He’s also featured on Jimmie’s Chicken Shack’s song “Falling Out,” the only single off their 2004 album re.present.

On , 2006, Aaron performed at his old high school in Longmeadow, MA and gave all the proceeds to the music department to fund the department’s expenses to buy new equipment and supplies.


Aaron uses Gibson acoustic guitars, and Gibson Les Paul electric guitars as well. He also uses Marshall Amplification amplifiers with Marshall Cabinets.

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  • U are my mans favorite country singer so I decided to name my aft er u his name is Aaron Michael Lewis. Ziegler. Whats cute abt the situation is when hes kicking the hell Outta me I get on youtube an play ur songs ut my kindel fire on my belly an it calm him down lol… baby Aaron likes it

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  • 68OldsRacer says:

    In the song endless summer someone messed up with the lyrics vs. the video the car he speaks of is a 1968 Olds 442 Convertible however; Aaron is singing about his 1967 Olds 442. Fact checking information would save these artist from looking stupid because of a simple mistake. Being an Olds Collector this was distracting to hear a beautiful car being misrepresented in the video. Who ever wrote and directed this Video should be fired or put on Blast for this.

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  • Joann gibson says:

    your words tattoo my brain ur voice is an invisible strength that opens my eyes leads me out sometimes the hole in my soul that this life wants me to have.thank you for speaking ur depth from ur feelings and mind ! trust me ur not alone .

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