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50 Cent - Leave The Lights On Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
50 Cent is on a roll these days striving to release a free album titled "5 (Murder by Numbers)" scheduled for July 6th, 2012.
One of the songs on the album is titled "Leave The Lights On" and it's about getting private with women, so take some advise from Fif.

50 Cent – Leave The Lights On Lyrics

Say man you don’t need much
To come to the free show

Come to free show

Fuck that
Leave the lights on girl
60-69, leave the lights on
Can’t see shit, leave the lights on
Girl i can’t see the shit, leave the lights on
Girl, leave the lights on
60-69, leave the lights on
10, leave the lights on
Seat down, my..Belly the pipe down

Girl, i make the bad rock like i’m on the yard shits
I taste shit tint quit lick my cup
Time is money check my turbie on movement
I’m rich bitch i say move you get the movin
I’m a badly moves on tight nigga i’m cruising
Looking ain’t hard to tell who’s winning who’s losing
Got the pen out surround my wrist
I’m flashin out, condo round my neck i’m cashin out
I’m nigga rich got everything to rich nigga get
I got whip for days, i got dick for days
Louie her mess is hard to jimmie juice
..By them blues
Plus i got the product collection
I might leave my socks on sex and all habits
All habits, baby show me what you know
At the freakie you came out on the low

60-69 on the time, shawty you can be a freak for me
Come and be a freak for me
Girl maybe i could leave girls let my
Shawty you can be a freak for me
Come and be a freak tonight
Let’s get right leave the lights on
I can’t see the shit, leave the lights on
Leave the lights on
Seat down, my super belly the pipe down

Girl, i already know that sm and shit
Will never spikes for me but you get your ass sweep
Limited the time skip the four play
I’ll be a chocolate wappin you can have your shit your way
Hope the ..Game good she looking excited
Seven i will flight she already ride it
London, paris, french, japana,
Talk to me girl i just can’t stand
Let’s get the stroking boning moaning, rolling
Starting afternoon end up in next morning
Stop the next round, look for my net down
So she do do..
I’ll play monkey see, monkey do
So everything you do to me, i’ll do to you, come on
It’s..But i can’t wuite here
What the fuck you’re trying to say i’m ..Stucking my ear


Hey girl i know you want me,
No, what the hell wouldn’t you want me
Shawty now push upon me
Zip down my super player with the pipe on
You’re gonna just be like that
You’re so insensitive
Hurt my feelings
I mean from the bottom of my heart i love you

[Lyrics to Leave The Lights On performed by 50 Cent]

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