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2 Chainz - Countdown Lyrics (feat. Chris Brown)

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2 Chainz – Countdown Lyrics (feat. Chris Brown)

[Chris Brown]
Lights out, Count Down
Want you to take it off, right now
This the countdown
About to where you out
Just wanna get up in like, yeah
Lights out, countdown
Want you to take it off, right now
This the countdown
About to where you out

Lights out, take your shirt off
My phone ringing for some work, bird call
Then I take your girl, and swerve off
Drop it in, load off
Facial expression, it started off with a text and
The texting ended up special
And now you next to a blessing
It’s me, especially when I’m looking in your direction
If love is a drug then I’m arrested for your possestion


[2 Chainz]
24/7, 365 on them inner thighs
I memorize what I did when I’m inside
That in and out, that up and down
That side to side
I, spray paint them walls, I vandalize
Crab legs by candle light
I break’em open, like I break you open
Break you off, countdown, I’m taking off
You a hard worker baby knew you shouldn’t date a boss
5-4-3-2-1, I’m taking off


[Chris Brown]
Please don’t make it easy
Cause Ima want you
All night
And you got something to teach me
And baby when I get it, ima get in it
And make love, love


[Lyrics to Countdown performed by 2 Chainz (feat. Chris Brown)]

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